car leasing solution for swiss and expats in switzerland

With a burning passion for excellence, we have a car for everyone, with a class Of Its Own. Leasing a car in Switzerland as an expat can be a complicated process. However, paying a hefty down payment and sky-high credit rates are not your only options. We, at SwissCars&Accessories ensure that you get to lease a car at a reasonable price and contract terms. Thanks to our extensive experience of working with expats and nationals, we can offer you a hassle-free car leasing service if you have a valid work permit even with just a L residency permit.

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why choose us

SwissCars&Accessories is the Swiss leader in the sale of used cars, car spare parts and lease cars. SwissCars&Accessories’s objective is to continue to develop its position as the oldest and fastest growing company in this sector. SC&A has successfully expanded and is now present in 15 other European countries, in addition to Switzerland.

Our extensive experience makes us your best choice for getting an advantageous leasing option.

Frequently asked questions

What happens at the end of the lease duration?

At the end of your lease duration, we, unlike some car dealers, always offer three options to our customers; you can buy the car and keep using it or sell it, you can return it to us or we can prolong the lease for you.

Why should I lease and not buy?

It is very popular in Switzerland and quite convenient for expatriates. The good points are that you don’t need to take out a big amount of money at once, you know exactly how much you spend over the leasing period, interest rate is lower than for a loan/credit (less than 5% vs 8-10%), and it gives you more flexibility at the end.

What kind of residual value can I expect?

This is an important question especially for expatriates as it could have a great influence in case you need to terminate the leasing contract earlier. We can help to determine what will be the most convenient in your own situation.

Can we look at the car prior to leasing it?

No, this is generally not possible, but we always make sure to deliver cars in good condition with a clear history.



Do I have to make a down payment? How much?

We have specific agreements with the leasing company, including the fact that people who just arrived in Switzerland can lease cars through us – and as well we do not need any down payment. You can do one, if you wish, in order to reduce your monthly payments.

Can I lease a car without having my B-permit in possession?

In most cases, yes, thanks to our special agreements with the leasing company – that is possible.

Can you deliver the leased car before I get my residence permit?

In most cases, yes, we can.

Can I buy the car during the leasing period?

Yes, at any point of time you can buy the car out of the lease.

Can you help me with insurance?

Our partner company MySwissInsurance is more than happy to send you a quote for the insurance, with a coverage that is adapted to your needs – in English.


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